Our  Inn


                                                          A LITTLE HISTORY OF ARRAIAL DO CABO





     Arraial do Cabo was first reached in 1503 by the italian navigator and explorer Amerigo Vespucci, serving the Portuguese Crown,  who first demonstrated  that Brazil and the  West-Indies did not  represent Asia's eastern outskirts,

as initially supposed to from Columbus' voyages, but instead constituted an entirely separate landmass.  


After having separated from the other ships of his fleet due to bad weather, he reached a beach where he throwed

anchor to replenish of water supply and edibles, and left 24 of his men to explore the land. This beach is the today

called Praia dos Anjos (Angels' Beach) in Arraial do Cabo.


Arraial has been since then a fisherman's village . Today it is known in Brazil as "The Diving Capital", due to its clear greenish blue water , underwater flora and fauna and copious marine life, a paradise for scuba divers.


                                                                     POUSADA SEVEN


Come visit us and see by yourself the traditions of Arraial do Cabo, as it maintains the roots of fishermen's settlement.

Our inn is located at the best spot of Prainha (Little Beach), in its extreme end, very quiet, a pleasure for walking by the sea side.

The calm, waveless sea of a greenish blue tone is a few yards from our porch. You reach the sand with just a couple of steps down.




After you return from a nice swim, a stroll on the beach or even scuba diving, it is time to

enjoy typical brazilian dishes prepared with really fresh seafood brought daily to us by local fishermen



If you brought along your children, we will be glad to prepare for them a more common dish,

that for sure will satisfy the young ones !



While you wait, as your choosen dishes are prepared, enjoy a brazilian beer, sodas or even better: try a "caipirinha", the most famous drink

made of freshly squeezed lime and "cachaça", a cane sugar spirit, 



Well, the night is coming.

After a nice afternoon nap, just sit by our porch and watch the sunset and moonrise, listening to a nice music and drinking a fruit

juice or, if your prefer, any other drink of your choice.